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We offer you our training and consulting programs since the establishment of the center since 1993, the starting point for excellence in performance, we try to reach you with your real needs, and your future expectations as well. We make every effort to transform these needs into a work program and an integrated training curriculum of high quality. It invests human resources to achieve the objectives of the institution. Success and quality in our performance can be achieved only by the management team and the team of trainers and experts who impose themselves on their outstanding performance, that they work with us in their hearts beside their minds. We aim at the human mind, which is the most precious thing that the Creator has given to man, and we bear our responsibilities in dealing with him through ensuring preventive and operational maintenance, and even predictive maintenance, in order to guarantee the sovereignty of this mind over everything around him in the environment in which he lives and works. In the field of developing our performance and the application of international standards in training, we succeeded in enabling God to sign several agreements with some international institutes and universities and international organizations to implement their curricula and develop our curricula at the same time by adopting certificates of achievement and success in passing programs to those who wish. We look forward to contacting you, we will take care of your wishes, hopes and aspirations and include them in our business plan.

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DPIC Strategy


Creating a new concept for training ... Benefits and added value Delight the mind and heart to create a unique training experience that makes efficiency by using the latest and best training methods to promote development and development.


Training for improvement, development, and ensuring the efficiency of personal and institutional performance. Training with international quality standards to achieve the objectives and outstanding success.


Respect and appreciation of human forces and push them forward. And to apply all rules of hospitality, responsibility, safety and quality.


Develop an effective concept and strategies for training and ensure the constant development of our clients' skills and attitudes to reach the highest competitive level.


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